About Me - Chris Frost Photography

As a child of the late seventies, I grew up in the era of film cameras where photography was a far less accessible and affordable pastime!  Whilst being presented with my first camera at the age of 12, a Kodak Disc camera, and promptly firing off the two enclosed 15 shot films in a blur of headless, poorly focused excitement, the camera and photography were just as promptly consigned to the cupboard for eternity.

It wasn’t until 2009 and honeymooning in Japan with a shiny new toy, a Panasonic Lumix compact, that my love for both photography and travel developed – the two seemed to fit seamlessly.  As a relative late comer, my fascination with landscape photography started in 2012 after purchasing my first DSLR, a trusty Nikon D3100.  Since then I have been fortunate to live within touching distance of the stunning Yorkshire Dales and its many waterfalls and am now back living on the beautifully rugged coastline of Dorset.  Home is most definitely where the coast is as my real passion is waterscapes, specifically seascapes, with the majority of my shots taken knee deep in the waters of the stunning Dorset Coastline.

I try to convey the magical atmosphere that sunrise and sunset can deliver and hope that in viewing my work, you are able to feel even a small amount of the enjoyment I get from taking these shots.

I hope you enjoy browsing the photographs on this site and return to view new work in the future.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for locations not present on my website.

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